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V4 Borewell Submersible Pumpsets (Water Filled) 100mm

V4 Borewell Submersible Pumpsets (Water Filled) 100mm

OSWAL submersible pumps & motors are well known for its quality, Reliability & excellence for all type of service purpose. OSWAL submersible pumps & motors are manufactured under supervision of highly qualified technical team with a stage wise rigid inspection procedure under TQM concepts. Application of Bore well submersible pumps are in Hospitals, Water circulation systems, Water supply systems of Government, Irrigation, Farms & Drip & sprinkler irrigation, Gardening, Nurseries, Domestic water supply, Multi-storey Building, Industries & Hotels etc. OSWAL water filled pumps are available in model 100mm (V-4) normal bore with a consumption of various materials with hardwearing bushes makes pumps highly efficient which is useful to corrosion resistance. Various models have a inbuilt check valve facilities which prevent back flow of liquid. OSWAL water filled pumps sets are highly efficient, Low power consumption, complete absence of suction trouble. Maintenance free operation due to water lubricating bearings, vibration free & noiseless operation and world class design gives higher discharge & high efficiency. Easily repairable & dismountable.

Salient features of Bore well submersible pumps sets are Highly efficient & low power construction, Vibration free, noiseless & Complete absence of suction trouble. OSWAL water filled submersible motors are easily rewind able & repair able. Less Maintenance operation due to water lubricated bearing. Excellent design gives higher discharge & head due to efficient motor, Extreme care has taken for selection of rotor, winding wire, bearings & Stator.

OSWAL Stator wound with synthetic copper wires, which are easily rewind able, Water lubricated & water-cooled. World class designed excellent performance thrust plate are used of S.S./Carbon that can withstand thrust loads with minimum wear & tear more over it also creates a wedge of water between shoe and the disc so life cycle of thrust plate is increased.
Mounting dimension of 4" pumps sets are as per NEMA / Indian standard.

Power Range & Version 0.5 HP - 5.0 HP 1 Phase
0.5-7.5 HP in 3 Phase
Version 220-240V,  50 Hz,A.C. 1Phase
350-440V-3 phase
Method of starting Capacitor star and capacitor run
(CSCR) in oil filled Capacitor start and run (CSR) in oil filled 3 Phase-DOL /Star Delta
Speed 2880 rpm.
Discharge Range 15 - 335 lpm in water filled
Head Range 10 -300 mtrs.
Outlet size 32, 40, 50 & 65 mm
Degree of Protection IP 68
Maximum Outer diameter 98 mm
Duty S1 (Continuous)
Mounting NEMA / Key way
Material of Construction Pump
NRV Housing  Cast Iron (Regular)
Impeller Noryl* /Nylon
Diffuser Noryl* /Cast Iron
Pump Shaft SS 410
Suction inter Connector Cast Iron (Regular) Stainless Steel(Platinum)
Coupling  S.S. 410
Pumps Casting Stainless Steel
Material of Construction Motor
Upper,  Lower Housing & Motor Base Cast Iron (Regular) / Stainless Steel Jacket (Platinum)
Stator Body Stainless Steel
Shaft SS 410
Bearing Leaded Bronze
Thrust Bearing Set Carbon V/s SS
Application in :
• Water supply from bore well
• Domestic & rural water supply
• Municipal & Irrigation purpose
•  Water supply in commercial establishments
• Small farms, gardening & nurseries.

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