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Thrust Bearing Plant

Thrust Bearing Plant Carbon thrust bearing is the heart of submersible motors to ensure friction less, wear and tear less, high speed for better performance. Carbon pads as a result of their friction properties are resistance to corrosion, and their ability to function at high temperature, their nature of self lubricant with minimum wear & tear and their good thermal conductivity have been used in combination with diamond polished stainless steel tilting segment to make carbon thrust bearings. For the same we have developed high precision grinding, lapping and polishing machines.

Carbon Thrust / Radial Bearing Assemblies are manufactured for submersible motors to meet the dynamic /varying load conditions of bore-wells suitable for 3 " to 12" submersible motors. Based on customer's needs, the Carbon Thrust Bearing Pads / Bushes can be given in either resin impregnated or metal impregnated form.

High Wear Resistance.
Lower Co-efficient of Friction.
Self Lubricating.
Low Thermal Expansion.
Better Thermal Conductivity.
Self aligning segments to withstand fluctuating loads.
Improved efficiency due to the inherent properties of Carbon and that of high hardened, lapped and polished Stainless Steel Segments resulting in longer life.

Special features :
No lubrication is required as the carbon itself is lubricant.
Thin water layer in between carbon segment acts as extra natural lubricant which allow the motor to run noiseless
Contact surface of both carbon as well as tilting segment are diamond polished with clear mirror finish hence wear & tear is almost nil. So precision is the surface maintained that the permissible variance is of only 2 micron. Capacity to manufacture 1000 trust bearing sets per day.
Thrust Bearing Plant

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