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Solar Water Pumps for Agriculture

Solar water pumping systems are transforming the agriculture sector in India by providing electricity to farmers from pumping water to harvesting crops. India's agricultural sector is largely dependent on monsoon for natural irrigation. Pumps are used as artificial means to provide water for irrigation. Farmers rely on grid electricity or diesel gen-sets to run the pumps, causing huge delays and economic stress. Hence, effective irrigation system like solar water pump is a huge boon for our farmers. It enhances their crop yield by ensuring a reliable and perennial supply of water to their fields.

Solar water pumps are an application of photovoltaic technology that converts solar energy into electricity to drive pumping systems, thereby replacing erratic grid supply and pollution-causing diesel-powered versions. Solar water pump is powered by solar module which helps to pump out surface or ground water for irrigation.

Solar Water Pumps for Agriculture
Solar Water Pumps for Agriculture

Oswal Solar Pumps Offers both DC and AC range of solar water pumps in both surface and submersible ranges. These pumps help in reducing the dependence of farmers on costly fuels and their maintenance costs as opposed to conventional irrigation systems.

By switching to Oswal Solar Water Pump, farmers can get access to highly efficient power supply which can be used to provide continuous water supply throughout the day. With over 72,000 pumps installed so far across India, we aim to provide water assurance and financial security to all farmers in India.

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