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Pressure Boosting Series OCPH

Pressure Boosting Series OCPH

OSWAL OCHP - Pressure boosting Series are the product of the expertise gained from over four decades of experience, endurance and workmanship. OSWAL products are engineered to perfection with utmost care and stringent quality control at all stages to ensure a trouble free service.

Pressure Tank
Pressure tank is one another reliable product from the house of OSWAL having over 1 decades of expertise in pump industry . Pressure tanks are ingeniously designed with perfection for delivering optimal performance. The butyl/natural rubber membrane provided in all the models ensures finer and trouble free performance. These tanks are used for pressure boosting applications to fetch self-sustained supply of pressurized water in the pipeline evermore especially in houses, apartments & hotels.

Pressure tank eliminates the need of overhead tanks & float switch. The electro mechanical control, switches ON & OFF the pump automatically whenever pressure reaches the minimum & maximum level of preset pressure. The smaller capacity tanks are vertical in shape, which can be fixed direclly to the outlet of the pump, whereas bigger capacity tanks are horizontal / vertical in shape with legs and the pumps can be fitted over the platform provided on the top. A 5 way connector , electro mechanical control, hose connector & pressure gauge are the· common accessories used along with the pressure tanks. The pressure can be preset. The pressure will be developed In the membrane based on the maximum operating head (in bars) of the pump.

Sets free from operating the pump every time
Eliminates need of overhead tank &float switch
High quality food grade rubber membrane for hygiene water supply
Ensure uninterrupted water supply with adequate pressure always
Saves water , electricity & time
Designed for easy installation

Electronic Pressure Control Switch
Electronic Pressure Control Switch is yet another quality & reliable product from the house of which is carefully designed to regulate the water pressure in the domestic water supply system. It switches ON the pump automatically whenever there is a pressure drop in the pipeline and maintains preset level of pressure in the pipe line. It also switches off the pump automatically whenever pumping is not required and there by makes the entire pumping system effective and efficient. The preset pressure level drops as and when the water is drawn. Likewise once the pipeline is closed it completely switches OFF the pump automatically after few seconds. The inbuilt check valve & logic circuit system protect the pump from back flow of water & dry running which enhance the life span of the pump. Certain models of vertical type pressure controls are inbuilt with adjustable pressure gauge wherein the pressure can be set manually based on the requirement.

OCHP Series
Power Range 0.5 Hp -2 HP in 1 & 3 Phase
Version 200 -240 V in 1 Phase
380-415 V in 3 Phase, A.C, 50 Hz
Discharge Range 13 -117 lpm
Head Range 20 -41 mtr.
Outlet sizes 25x25 mm
Water temperature 50°C
Speed 2880 rpm
Ambient temperature/temperature rise 55°C
Insulation Class B
Degree of protection IP 54
Main Dimensions (mounting) Foot Mout -96 x 155 mm Suitable for
8 mm /10 Bolt
Tank Capacity 24, 36,60,80 & 100 lts
Suitable Outlets 2,3,5,7 & 10 taps
Material of Construction :
Delivery x Suction Head Cast Iron
Motor Body Aluminum
Impeller Stainless Steel
Diffuser Stainless Steel
Shaft SS -410
Mechanical Seal Carbon V/s Ceramic
Base Plate Mild Steel
Application in :

• Water pressure for Residential & Commercial establishments.
• Water distrubution in Industries & small farms.
• Hotels & Multistory Buildings
• Apartments and Bungalows
• Commercial washing purpose

Mechanical Pressure Control
This pressure controller is one of the vital accessories to the pressure boosting system which is commonly used along with pressure tanks. This can be fixed directly to the small domestic pumps. This is yet another innovative product that bears hallmark of excellence.

Technical Details :
Lowest Pressure 20 psi
Highest Pressure 80 psi
Pressure settings 20-40 psi; 30-50 psi; 40-60 psi
Volt 230 V A.C.
Max. Current 2.0 HP - 12 Amps
3.0 HP 17 Amps
Connector threads Male / Female

Float Switch
OSWAL Float switch is a state-of-the-art product from the house of which has earned a unique place in the industry and is recognized both for its standards & quality for over 1 decades. It sets you free from operating the pump. It also helps you to save water electricity and your valuable time.

Houses, Multi-storeyed apartments, Factories, Hospitals, Hostels, Commercial centers, Hotels and Restaurants, Schools & Colleges and all places with water tanks.

Salient Features
Sets you free from operating your pump every time
Ensures uninterrupted water supply
Never allows your over head tank to spill over or be empty
Eliminates water, power & time wastage
Protects pump from dry run
Absence of rigid or fixed part inside the tanks makes cleaning easy

Maximum Current 10 (4) Amps / 16 (4) Amps.
Voltage Range 130 - 240V , AC - 1Ph.
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum Working Temperature 55°C
Degree of Protection IP 68
Maximum Immersion Depth 10 meters
Cable Rubber Insulated 3 Core round cable
Cable Size 1.0 & 1.5m²
Cable Length 1.5m & 2.0m
Operation in specific gravities From 0.9 to 1.3
Note : Pressure Specification are applicable only if the suction lift is zero.

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